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Turnamms are delighted to announce our new Accident Management Partner, Fleet Service GB (FSGB).

The businesses led by people with decades of experience in our industry have come together to offer an all-inclusive Accident Management and Uninsured Loss Recovery programme.

Accident Management Service – to cover all crash, vehicle damage and driver injury related incidents.

  • The FSGB 24/7 service support centre deals with all vehicle and driver crash related incidents.  Reports are completed over the 'phone using an online claim form.  At the same time, FSGB will assess the incident and where identified and required, instigate a third party claim process and/or the uninsured loss recovery process.

  • FSGB partners with Turnamms Assessors to establish liability and process all Uninsured Loss Recovery claims. 

  • All telephone calls in and out of the service support centre will be recorded, this will support the claim process and, at the same time, will facilitate any audit necessary in the event of a claim challenge.  

  • As an integral part of the service FSGB will assess the circumstances surrounding the incident to ensure strict compliance with agreed Client parameters. FSGB will also communicate with the insurer, the broker and any other organisation or individual stipulated.

  • The Client vehicle repair process will be managed by FSGB (complying fully with any insurance company requirements) using both insurance approved and Client nominated repairing garages.

  • All aspects of any Client vehicle and driver crash incident will be managed by the FSGB 24/7 service support team and Turnamms from first notification through to document completion.  (This to include third party claim handling, uninsured loss recovery and all other document related requirements.)

  • The captured and stored information/data relating to each and every Client driver and vehicle related incident will be used to create comprehensive management reports for either on demand access online or delivery in a hard copy format for analysis/evaluation at the regular review meetings.

FSGB makes service personal and it is our belief at Turnamms that they could be the right partner for you too.

Find out for yourself at Fleet Service GB