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Road and Rail Infrastructure

Many of our clients are civil engineering companies, joint ventures, DBFO's and PFI's whose job is to keep the UK's transport network open, safe and on the move - day and night.

Road and Rail structures and infrastructure bears the brunt of the travelling public and after our clients pick up the pieces and the cones are cleared, our job starts.

By closely working with our clients, many tens of thousands of individual incidents are identified, managed and subsequently pursued to recover the cost of repairs following bridge strikes, barrier and road side structure and lighting column collisions, traffic control equipment damage, cargo, debris, vehicle fires and oil spills as well as general traffic management costs.

At present, we assist clients who themselves manage approximately one third of the major road and motorway network in England (including the majority of London) and three quarters of the network in Scotland.

We also act for tram operators and Transport for London (TfL), including London Underground who handle more rail passenger journeys per day than the entire UK rail operating networks combined. We are also proud to represent the interests of important authorities such as the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).