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Emergency Services

The demands placed upon the operators of emergency fleets are such that accidents are a common occurrence, of typically higher value and risk of injury, and with responsibility for a greater proportion of accidents being contested.

There is a constantly changing landscape of legal decisions in relation to such cases and being alive to this is key to maximising our clients' chances of success on a case-by-case basis.

Turnamms has a clear and successful track record in acting for the largest Police Authorities and Ambulance Trusts across the UK and over the years have restored many millions of pounds to the public purse. We would aim to recover in excess of 90% of claimed losses in partial and non-fault cases.

Our expertise in the field of 'blue light' work puts us in an enviable position and we are best placed to acheive positive results. Fleet Assist can provide an expedient, professional service to any emergency fleet operator and with the provision of regular management reports insurance, finance, risk and fleet managers have constant updates on all recovery aspects.

Our contingency fee system provides for a fee only when and if we recover our clients' damages with no payments charged on account or up front, our charge being made only after our clients have themselves been placed in funds.