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Fleet Operators

Our traditional core activity is the pursuit of claims for the operators of motor fleets and we aim to make our current solutions as attractive to all fleet operators. Small, medium, large - private cars, light and heavy commercial - we have experience and the support of clients in all areas.

Our 'No Win - No Fee' contingency fee system, operated since our inception, is fully motivated to acheive the best results and is compatible with our business ethos which is to achieve and maintain the best level of service and results and this directly bears on our income.

Our very competitive charging rates, being a percentage of sums recovered, enable us to finance what is becoming an increasingly labour intensive activity in the modern insurance environment and provides us with the key incentive to settle claims quickly and successfully. Unlike 'up-front' payment schemes there simply is no conflict of interest - the more we recover for our clients the more we are paid and the quicker we recover our clients' losses the quicker we get paid!

We also offer sliding scale fees for the re-pursuit of older cases where others have failed and have a demonstrable track record of success in this area.

All the above services fall under the umbrella of our Fleet Assist product, which is designed exclusively for the fleet operator, and offers very competitive fee structures depending on nature of case and volume for your non-fault or partial fault recoveries. 

We challenge ourselves to exceed expectations and our management information reports are designed to show this our clients in an instant, with every view from top down to case-by-case reports.